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Edited by - darthmuppet on 9/21/2017 AM First off, I hope that charlotte is able to recover. I am sure that some of the models on the site aren't even alive anymore. What reason do you have to question Rob's moral character?Now, Charlotte's friend, did charlotte ask you to post that pic? I'd be pretty pissed if I was in an accident and my friend was posting pics of me on an adult porn site. Do you really think that a studio has a moral obligation to pull content or not release content when they paid the model and all the crew and went through the editing process already?Are there any other particular famous or infamous girls I've forgotten? I think Kennedy and Ileana (Amia Miley) must be two of mine.3 - Are there any girls who are especially notable for sexy, interesting or unique back stories or interviews?

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I don't know Charlotte or anything, but I do know for a fact that she was in a traffic accident last Friday and is in very bad shape right now. Now, I'd tend to agree that Rob should've at least waited on the release although why would any of us know that Charlotte was in an accident? Rob has shot hundreds of scenes with women and undoubtedly some have had things happen to them afterwards. Btw, do you really think other porn sites would not release a scene under same circumstances?If anything you could have maybe made a SEPARATE go fund me under her porn persona without any of the personal information attatched as freely as you have done here.I'm not trying to be mean or cruel, I'm really trying to look out for her best interest.There are a few girls in the industry that like to own their career and use their real name in porn, but that's rare for a reason.Even with Charlotte being in this state it's not fair to integrate her two separate worlds without her consent.